A Closed Mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

— Anonymous

Now is the time to be in good spirits

As you awaken into your normal state of full consciousness, much that has confused or mystified you will become clear, as humanity’s ability to understand itself, the illusion, and its purpose and meaning comes on line. The illusion has brought you much suffering, but God, in His infinite wisdom, ensured that it would have a purpose other than the one you gave it. Your purpose for it was to experience separation from your Father, i.e. individuality, which appeared to be an exciting and fascinating state in which you would have no need at all for God. His purpose was to ensure that when you chose to relinquish that imaginary state of separation you would have everything you needed to enable you to do so.

Throughout the illusionary eons, you have played many games, and at times, for very short periods, you have even sought to leave the illusion. However, distractions have always eventually occurred which led you further into it. Now those repetitive cycles have ended, and your determination to awaken has so intensified that the possibility of your sinking back into the illusion no longer exists. Once that decision to awaken was made, the speed at which you moved towards Reality increased enormously.

As you have been told many times, God’s Will for you is eternal peace and happiness. At the moment you made the decision to separate from your Father, it appeared to you that you were instantly, infinitely removed from Him. You were then in the illusion, which flows linearly as the river of time, and progress through it and movement within it occurs at varying rates controlled by your own attitudes and beliefs. You could have become One again with God instantly had you chosen to do so — just as when you separated instantly — but your belief in the illusion had become so firmly established that only a very, very few of you have managed this.

However, because you have taken the collective decision to awaken, the path out of the illusion and home to Reality has been startlingly reduced in length. The myriad meandering, confusing, and ill-chosen paths that you were previously following as individuals have been mightily reduced, leaving only a few super-fast highways to lead you unerringly Home. There is no longer any possibility that you could get lost and delayed en route. You are all heading in the right direction, and the way is most accurately signposted. You can still take short breaks if you feel that you are moving too rapidly, but your direction of travel is clearly defined, and your arrival at your destination is ensured and confirmed.

Now is the time to be in good spirits because you know that you are firmly and safely established on your journey home, from which nothing can divert you. If you truly think about it, that is the most wonderful news! So focus on it and intend it to happen, instead of focusing on the illusion and all its inadequacies. There is absolutely no reason to be unhappy, anxious, or depressed — you are coming Home! Life is meant to be joyful, so look at the good things in your life — no one is without good parts to see and enjoy in their lives, even in the illusion — and raise your spirits by doing so and thus assist others to do likewise. Do not be distracted by the myriad media reports of chaos, suffering, and disaster, which most certainly seem very real, and be aware that incredible amounts of divine energy are pouring into those areas where suffering and catastrophe are endemic, to raise the level of consciousness of all who dwell there, so that they too may start moving towards wakefulness.

Everyone is infinitely, divinely loved, and no one who wishes to awaken and return Home will fail to do so. It is a done deal — divinely promised and guaranteed — and deep within yourselves you do know this. Focus on this and be of good cheer, for you know that you will awaken from the seemingly endless nightmare into the bliss of your Father’s eternal Presence, because nothing else is possible.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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