The Way To Find Out About Happiness Is To Keep Your Mind On Those Moments When You Feel Most Happy.

Those holding the Light have guaranteed it for all

The time of waiting is almost at an end, and the end will be surprising, alarming for some, a relief, and finally, a great joy, as you release all your confusions and burdensome perceptions of life and become truly free — free from all the insane limitations that you have placed on yourselves and attempted to impose upon others.

Truly, the limitations and restrictions that frustrate and confuse you are self-imposed. Your Father created you free — as He is Himself — because He loves you and wants only for you to be happy. He could not and would not have created you any other way! Your happiness and freedom give Him joy, but you turned away and built an imaginary reality into which pain and suffering flooded, convincing you that you were unworthy of His Love, and that you deserved punishment. Then you began to deliver that punishment to yourselves, and to others.

It got to the stage — from which you have now started to emerge — where you could not honestly believe in a loving god, and so you imagined, and then believed in, one who was jealous, violent, vindictive, and forever unforgiving, and who encouraged you to compete for his affection by disowning and judging one another. A god, indeed, in your own image and likeness! Nothing could be further from the Truth, Reality, God.

In the last few hundred of your Earth years, the insanity of this belief system started to become apparent, and now it is effectively broken and irreparable. However, many are still attempting to repair it, or to replace it with something less intolerant and implacable, but with the same basic assumptions, namely, that there is a god who judges you and seeks reparation for your unacceptable behavior. This is still an insane concept, and it traps you in the illusion as long as you cling to it. But enough of you understand this and are learning to share love and compassion with one another, and to offer forgiveness in every situation where offense is experienced. It is this which is dissolving the illusion, and it is a dissolution which is final and irrevocable. The illusion cannot and will not be maintained, let alone rebuilt.

All are on the path to ascension, to full consciousness, even though they may be unaware of it. Those of you so courageously holding the Light and the intent for for this to come to fruition have guaranteed it for all. The time for fear, corruption, and betrayal is over, as the tide of loving cooperation sweeps across the planet, suffusing all with the desire and intent to awaken everyone, so that all may once more enjoy their divine heritage. It is indeed a great moment to be voluntarily within the illusion, as you all are, so that you can witness its disintegration and share in the joy of that glorious moment of awakening.

Intensify your intent to awaken. The Light you carry will become brilliant, causing the eyelids of myriad others to start flickering towards wakefulness. What you have achieved is quite stupendous, as you will understand with great joy and satisfaction when you awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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