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Message from Arcturus – Aug 16 2010

Today we would like to explain to you all, who we are and why we are doing these channeled messages.

We of the Arcturian Group are one of many assisting earth with the evolving energies now taking place on Gaia. She is a living soul and asks assistance in this shift to a higher dimension. We also hear the pleas of those on earth for help in rising above the old and heavy energies of the past; energies that many have now evolved beyond.

We are a group from the planet Arcturus who has chosen to help the earth at this time. We are evolved beings of Light, but we have seen what you are now experiencing in our own journeys. Ours were not as heavy as earth has experienced, but we too evolved, as all Souls do. You must understand that not all beings evolve on earth, there are many planets on which evolving souls choose to live.

What exactly does evolving mean? Evolution is simply remembering, a growing (through lifetimes of experiences) into the realization that we are the manifestation of Source and that all life is the ONE life. It is a gradual process, and is called evolution, but that is all it is.

The mistake the people of earth make, is in the belief that they are the only ones, that they are already fully evolved, and that there is nothing higher. This was the error made by the scientists of Atlantis who in their arrogance believed that they could do whatever they wanted and manipulated energy to the point of destroying Atlantis.

Mankind is a whole. Everything is connected. There is only ONE.

Source manifests Itself in infinite form and variety, and to believe that you are the only ones, is ridiculous. We understand that this is what you have been taught by those who would prefer to keep you in the dark about anything that would awaken you because this is where they derive their control, from your unawareness.

We say to you again that the Arcturian Group is only one small group of many who are assisting you with the energy shift at this time through our messages and our energy. Many ships from many evolved planets are around you although you cannot always see them. This is an important event in the evolution of mankind. You are moving into a new energy, and many are very interested to see how you are doing it.

We Arcturians are not so much unlike you, although there are planets where the bodies are not just like yours; those who need less oxygen or those who require lighter bodies etc. However, all are ONE as we have said–infinite form and variety, but always ONE.

The people of Arcturus are evolving in a peaceful society, where there is no war or crime. It is a planet where we have decided that the energy of peace (through the realization of oneness), is the energy we choose. We understand this message of ONE. We have never been a warring planet, but we have been evolving from the beginning of time. Arcturus is a very old society, and we are connected to the people of earth through our love for them and our awareness of their struggling journey. Many on earth now are actually from Arcturus.

We come to offer our advice and help at this important time. Soon you will be seeing beings from many planets which will allow you to understand once and for all that you are not alone in the Universe and that you have nothing to fear. We say to you that in the past there were those who had not your best interests at heart, but they are not being allowed again to come to your planet. You carry their messages in your DNA, this is being changed as you evolve and the “Junk” DNA once again restored to it’s original state.

We have the technologies you need, not because we are smarter, but we have evolved into these things through peace and understanding of Oneness and chose to use technology for the good of the people instead of for weapons. We wish to share these technologies with you, but we cannot force them upon you as you are free will beings and we can only respond when asked.

Many are asking now and you are quickly coming to a better place in which to accept our presence and the presence of the many others. We exist, and will make our appearance at some point, so do not believe the nonsense presented to you by you media, and those who because they are scientists by diploma say we do not exist. Even your great scientist Steven Hocking has publicly negated us. This is very sad, for it only adds fuel to the energy of ignorance on your planet.

We are, we exist, and we will make contact with you soon, as your world is quickly changing.

Much needs yet to be revealed to you, and it will be soon. With that, we say goodbye for now.

Always in love and respect for you, our brothers and sisters of this planet of Light, Gaia.

Thank you Arcturian Group 8/16/10

Source: AshtarCommandCrew

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